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by Petr Vadlejch

Short Summary I am Petr Vadlejch, a one-man Indie game developer from the Czech Republic. I started making gam...

Czech Republic , Praha

  • 100%funded
  • $500target
  • Ended Successful
Volanti Globus
by Jordan Savage

Hello, my name is Jordan Savage and I am a 16 year old iOS developer from London, England. I have always loved...

United Kingdom , London

  • 105%funded
  • $200target
  • Ended Successful
Captain Holetooth
by Oliver Ruehl

Hello, you lovely people! I’m Oliver. The founder of Hirnbix. I’m an older guy who has worked for ...

Germany , Frankfurt am Main

  • 100%funded
  • $350target
  • Ended Successful