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Short Summary

I am Petr Vadlejch, a one-man Indie game developer from the Czech Republic. I started making games as a kid because I enjoy when others play my games. I am now over 30 and still make games as a hobby. Currently, I am making Android games in Construct2. The games I have created so far have had very positive feedback from my audience.

You can check my games at Google Play, where I publish as “PEVA“.

With the creation of each new game brings a lot of experience. This is my first startup project, code name Jewelama. I wanted to make a fun, casual game similar to match3 style, but with new features, powerups, many levels and later, themed levels (Christmas theme etc.).

This is not going to be dead project if people will like this. I can do most of the job by myself, graphics, code, promotion etc. All this work takes time and money (mostly promotion). But I am not doing this for money, it is my hobby. My budget is not big- I set the Campaign Goal Amount to the lowest possible. I would appreciate any support, even sharing the game with your friends or making a YouTube video.

The game has been already published on 09/21/2016 to the public in Beta, you can try the game at Google Play – Jewelama. Backers will receive promo codes to unlock levels (Hexapoints), and access to beta test.

Jewelama 01 Jewelama 04

I already started

I already started to create new levels, using a simple level designer. I would like to split levels into “worlds”, each world with a theme like jungle, desert, sea etc. The possible combinations are endless. The worlds that are already done are: Honey, Lagune, Jungle.

The first new feature is using the “void” to connect same gems, as you can see on screen, you drag over the gems with the same color and connect them through the white space with other far away.

The second feature is to flush the level if you think there are no gems to connect. Funny, eh?

Thank you for your support!

Jewelama 02 Jewelama 03

Tony Stark
$300 - No reward
Jason Wilson
$10 - No reward
Alyssa Macbeth
$5 - No reward
Joseph DiSabito
$20 - No reward
Hugh Mungus
$5 - Beta Access
Corbin Ruby
$25 - Promo Code
Nicole rosenthal
$10 - Promo Code
Nick U
$10 - Promo Code
Alyson Villard
$10 - Promo Code
Benjamin Rosenthal
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Super Backer
$50 - Promo Code
Anna Rose
$25 - Promo Code
Jason Rosenthal
$20 - Promo Code
  • 11/07/2016 12:10 PM

    Hi there,

    I started making last world with “Christmas” theme. Help me to reach the goal and contribute, you get rewarded with Hexacoins promo code to use in game.

    In december, the game is going to be published with final release 1.0 including all 4 worlds, if this campaign finish with success, stay tuned!:)



  • 11/29/2016 5:16 PM

    Hi there, our campaign is going to end soon, and I still need more than 300$ to run promotions which is quite expensive. The game is now in final public beta, including christmas 15 levels!

    Help me to finish my goal with 500$ so I can reward all backers for their HUGE help!

    I am still in hope to get 100% or more, so what are you waiting for?



  • 12/02/2016 11:53 AM
    Anna Rose


  • 12/01/2016 12:12 PM
    Anna Rose

    Good luck with the final push on your campaign!

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Petr Vadlejch

Czech Republic, Praha

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