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Title: LAIKA in space / LAIKA space dog. Developer: Cosmo Game Studio Type: Action, Arcade. Platform: Android Mobile Devices, possibility version html5. Gameplay and Content Synopsis: The main story of the game is based on the first space journey of a living being to Earth’s orbit, who would be the Soviet puppy Laika. Along with Laika as a main character, we also have 10 of the Sputnik satellites that will be launched into space.


Growing up on the street has made me so many fleeting friends, but at the same time none who last. Every day I meet different humans who greet me and give me some scraps to eat. Their faces are always different. I have canine friends like myself but, looking for what we all look for, our real purpose, we split up.

Everything changed the day someone finally wanted me enough to get me off the street. They took me to a place I could have never imagined.

It was enormous. There were humans everywhere and all their eyes were on me. I had never experienced so much affection and attention.  I was taught to do many things, but I knew in my heart that they couldn’t just be serving me. The moment when they started carefully dressing me in protective gear I felt important. They would put something round on my head. I think I heard that they called it helmet. To me, it was a crown. I was becoming a dog with purpose.

Every day I felt happier, as if I had finally found my human family.

Until one day, I’ll never forget it, they put me in a curious artifact and it was just me, no human got in with me me. A few minutes later, I felt as though I let go of the earth, it was like flying.

What was happening to me was something that had never occurred to me. I never imagined that I would ever be so far from the ground. The fear began to torment me. I wanted to cry and I did. I could not understand why I was alone if the humans had loved me so much. I began to feel a lot of pressure in my head. I must have fainted.

When I woke up my head was fine and my stomach no longer stirred. I was floating. I felt very calm and encouraged myself to look out of the vessel. It was night, it was all dark, lit by so many stars that I tried to count them but there were too many. It was beautiful and suddenly I felt real happiness …



I am very satisfied with the result of Laika in Space. We need funds for a month of work to finish development and I would also like to port the game to iOS, but I will need to buy a dev license to do that. We would also use the extra money for marketing.


Cosmo Games is a studio founded in 2014, aimed to design video games for different platforms of mobile devices, such as Android, IOS and HTML5, as well as social networks like Facebook.
We are located in Rafaela, Argentina, but our market is both national and international.
We are making two types of games: casual games and strategy games.
We have a trained team to develop medium-scale games.





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