Welcome to PixelFunder! It’s great to have you on­board so let’s kick off with some introductions!



Why PixelFunder?

Well, we’re much more than a crowdfunding platform. PixelFunder is all about the indie game culture which we all know is one of the most passionate and positive gaming communities out there. We foster that energy and grow it in our PixelFunder forum, a great place to talk to developers about their work in progress, talk through some of your own game ideas and ask for advice and, of course, talk about the games we are all excited about! Without your help, the games can’t reach their goals - and that would mean depriving the world of these wonderful titles, which is obviously a crime in itself!

But wait, there’s more! Here on PixelFunder we have our own currency, which you get for performing certain actions on the site. Daily login, helping your PixelFunder peers and backing games are just a few of the ways you can accumulate your sky high stacks of coins. You can exchange that hard work for goodies in the merch store!



How do I sign up?

Well it’s pretty easy but here’s a quick step­-by-­step so you don’t get lost in the ethereal internet space.

1. Click on the “Register” button to get started in the top right hand corner. Don’t forget to read the Terms of Use before you join up!

2. Pick a nice username, go on, something exciting and enticing. And by enticing, we mean don’t include bad language in any way, shape or form. That is not enticing at all… We’ll need you to pop your email address in there as well so we can make sure you aren’t a robot and get you all verified up. We do like robots but not the spammy kind. And finally, chose whether you’re a developer or backer. You can be both of course, but if you are we suggest selecting developer - it won’t stop you from backing projects!

3. OK, so that’s all done, an email is winging its way to your inbox where you can click the link and get verified. You can check out some of the latest topics and chatter on the forum while you wait!

4. Now that you’re all registered and verified, go ahead and fill out your profile to your heart’s content. You can have a custom avatar, bio and share your gamertags too! When uploading images, please ensure you are not uploading anything that could be considered questionable or we’ll have to take steps to remove it and possible ban your account.



What can I get involved with?

There’s alway loads going on here on PixelFunder!

Dive into the projects and get chatting! You can talk to developers about their titles, or check out what the community is buzzing about!

PixelFunder Plays: Every time a new game joins the site we have a live stream over on Twitch that you are welcome to watch and engage with! We also prepare and publish footage from the stream on our YouTube channel.

Coins ­ do stuff- get rewarded! For doing certain actions on the PixelFunder website you will accumulate coins that you can use to buy merchandise! Check it out:

- 10 Coins for registering your account (coins delivered within 24 hours)

- 1 Coin for daily login

- 10 Coins for watching a developer's full video on their game's campaign page

Level up! The more you do on the community the higher the rank you will get. Why rank up? Well, for the preferential treatment of course! Ranking up will get you exclusive offers, access to games in earlier development stages and loads more.