Jason Rosenthal



With a background in Computer Science, Jason has spent the last 6 years working in the Information Technology field. Jason brings an in-depth knowledge of the indie world to us. Jason's computer-focused career began in 6th grade when he discovered the 'View Source' button in his browser. As a programmer himself, he deeply understands the need for the service he founded.

Anna Rose

President/Button Masher


Anna is formally educated in Architecture and Computer Science, and her professional background is in Marketing. Anna has always been passionate about creating communities that work (even Neopets guilds). Her job is two-fold: to ensure that PixelFunder’s crowdfunding platform and social media outlets are working for the devs so they can be focused on their games, and to be continuously improving user experiences on PixelFunder.com to keep it a fun and interactive hub that users will continuously return to.

Ashton Ruby

Vice President/Content Wizard


As VP, Ashton brings a decade of exprience in video production, graphic design and content creation. And 3x that much experience in playing video games. His favorites are RPGs, Sims, Platformers, and old school point and click adventure games. He loves the art of visual story telling and really enjoys working with Devs to get the story of their awesome games and companies out into the world! When not making videos, graphics, or instagram posts, he loves spending time with his wife and newborn son!

Nick Savard

Brand Ambassador/Executive Intern


Fitting to his role at PixelFunder, Nick’s favorite types of games are MMORPGS. “Something about the huge community of people all working together really gets me.” Nick’s key focus is outreach and promotional efforts. Nick ensures that all aspects of the company stay in focus and knows when to aim down the sights. He's here to ensure the K/D ratio of every dev seeking funds is over 1.