Splinter Shell: Turtle Training

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Splinter shell is a retro adventure game, currently playable as a demo, you play the game as the main character, splinter shell, You have been injured on a mission as a special agent, you have to complete each and every level of the game in order to learn how to use your body in the rehabilitation and training center and be a good agent once again.

If splinter shell is successfully funded, it will have a minimum of 40 in depth levels with a creative storyline fitting with the game design, similar to the current demo version of the game the full game will also feature, interchangeable character choices, more refined controls, code and smooth game-play, toggle-able modern or retro particle effects, better lighting and more. 

Backers of the game Receive special rewards too!

Splinter shell is currently playable right here as a 7 level demo game.


Jason Rosenthal
$1 - Backer!
maxine markwell
$1 - Backer!
angela loomes
$5 - Concept art and HD background
Corbin Ruby
$15 - Backers' special Copy
Tom Winsor
$15 - Backers' special Copy
Anna Rose
$25 - Backers' special Copy
Jason Rosenthal
$15 - Backers' special Copy
$50 - Game ideas and suggestions implemented!
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This project will only be funded if at least $99 is raised by 01/21/2017
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Kieron L

United Kingdom, Plymouth

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    Successfully help back the Splinter Shell project!

  • Concept art and HD background

    Backers funding $5 or more will receive a HD desktop wallpaper and concept art from the development of splinter shell.

  • Backers' special Copy

    Complete with a minimum of 20 levels and a special agent name Customised for each backer.

  • Game ideas and suggestions implemented!

    If you back more than $50 through generosity, kindness, or any reason, you can have direct contact with the game's lead developer, any suggestions or ideas you have to improve the game will be looked into and possibly implemented as a feature!